This was a sewer lateral video inspection we did on a foreclosure/REO (bank owned) Property in Sandpoint, ID – Note approximately 80′ run to city main – 1st 40′ have been recently replaced with newer ABS – The last 40′ however, is original Vitrified Clay Pipe under the street with minor offsets and root intrusions.  A proper repair would require major excavation; including, but not limited to:  street cut, encroachment permits, traffic revisions, and soils engineers.  If repairs are made during winter months, additional costs will be incurred due to non-operational asphalt plants.  A cold patch (concrete) would be poured where the asphalt is cut; when the asphalt plants open in the spring, the contractor would come out and replace the concrete patch with new hot asphalt.  The additional costs would be passed on to the consumer (typically the home owner).  In this case, the bank that owns the property will likely pay for the repairs in order to sell the property and satisfy the city of Sandpoint requirements for the Sewer Lateral Improvement Program or (SLIP).

Lateral Concepts, LLC is a locally owned and operated business in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We provide unbiased sewer lateral video inspections and locates in and around North Idaho and Eastern Washington. For more information, you may contact us at: 208.818.8241


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