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Spring is upon us here in Coeur d’Alene, and summer is quickly approaching.  That means more to us than just fishing, camping trips, backyard barbecues, and sun burns.  There’s something that lies beneath that we should all be aware of.  This time of year, trees are growing fast.  Hot days and minimal precipitation means they need extra water and nutrients.  So where do they find it?  Broken sewer lines of course!  Tree roots grow into broken sewer lines inevitably leading to a back-up.  So what’s the first thing most homeowners do?  Call a plumber or a rooter company to come out and fix it?  Perhaps you’re handy and frugal yourself, so you rent the biggest snake you can find and grind away at the blockage…  But STOP!  Read the info below, watch the video, and think before you act.  Share this blog with your friends and loved ones.  It could save your life or someone elses. 


Over the winter we discussed the term “crossbore” in which utility companies inadvertently drill natural gas, fiber optics, power, and other utilities through private sewer laterals.  The practice of Horizontal Directional Drilling; also known as boring or HDD, is common practice for utility companies when installing new lines.  Unfortunately however, they don’t locate private sewer lines prior to such projects.  Here’s a video that shows the dangers of “crossbores”, the potential explosions and the heartbreak that goes along with it.  Do us all a favor.  Call before you dig, snake, clean, or rooter!  

National 811 service does not locate private sewer.  We do.  Schedule your inspection or locate today by calling:  (208) 818-8241. 


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