Our primary purpose is to inspect, report, and consult on the internal condition of sanitary infrastructure – During our inspections however, we often run into other common plumbing problems that you should look out for when purchasing a home.  Take a close look at this picture of the plumbing at this home in Spirit Lake, Idaho and read our comments below.  1091860_594352073936214_328369133_n

The 2″ stack of piping that we’ve pointed out on the right is for a laundry discharge. You’ll notice how high it is. Because of the elevation of the main 4″ sewer leaving the foundation wall. Someone has improperly added the laundry hook ups. It’s way too high. You’d basically be using the washing machine as a pump. The pump in a washing machine is not designed to lift that high.  This puts undue stress on the washing machine shortening its lifespan.  The appropriate solution would be to add a plastic laundry tub to drain the washing machine; that would drain to a sump pump, then the sump pump would eject the grey water to the 4″ sewer. Another problem is that if the sewer ever backs up, the first place it will go is into your washing machine (and that’s just gross).  When we do find a problem as such during an inspection, we strongly encourage buyers to seek additional recommendations from a licensed professional plumber.

If you have any questions regarding the sanitary infrastructure of your home or a home you’re considering purchasing, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Phone calls are always free!

Spy before you BUY, Locate before you DIG!

Give yourself peace of mind! Call us at: 208-818-8241.

Lateral Concepts, LLC is a locally owned and operated business in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We provide unbiased sewer and septic lateral video inspections and locates in and around North Idaho, Spokane, and Eastern Washington. For more information, or to schedule an inspection, contact us at: 208.818.8241



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