Lateral Concepts, LLC is the leader as the first and only business of its kind in the North Idaho and Eastern Washington (Coeur d’Alene and Spokane) areas providing a necessary service to: prospective real estate buyers, investors, real estate agents, home inspectors, contractors, insurance companies, and small government municipalities. Lateral Concepts is not in business to make plumbing or sewer line repairs; rather as an unbiased third party providing state-of-the-art inspections, digital locating, and professional consulting to our clients.

Very few property owners are aware that they are responsible for the sewer line from the building to the city main. Broken, flat, bellied, offset, or root-infested sewer lines can cause sewage to back up into the house or commercial building leading to extensive property damage in the home or business. Sewer back-ups can cause thousands of dollars in property damage and loss of valuable operating time for businesses. Although insurance companies will usually pay for cleanup and restoration; repair or replacement of the line is typically excluded, which can cost TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Again, because we DO NOT replace, repair, or service sewer or septic systems; we are truly UNBIASED in giving forthright information to our clients.

Standard home inspections do not cover the structural integrity or condition of sewer or septic lines. Our equipment includes a color electronic video camera with LCD screen, and SD recording capabilities. It is designed specifically for sewer inspections and locates. As unbiased consultants with extensive knowledge and experience in the service plumbing industry, we provide our clients with a proactive and innovative approach to make an educated buying decision, plan for upcoming maintenance, budget for necessary repairs, gain valuable purchase price negotiation, or gain a competitive edge in a saturated real estate market.

We are not a plumbing sales organization. We do not repair, replace, service, or excavate sewer lines. We are the ONLY “unbiased” sewer lateral inspection company of it’s kind in the entire state.

Specializing in:

Residential – Commercial – Industrial – Government – Municipal

– Sanitary Sewer (SS), Septic, Grease Waste (GW), Storm Drain, French Drain, (lateral) Pipeline

– Electronic Video Inspection (Sewer Scope)
– Complete Comprehensive Written Reporting
– SD Recording – Multi-media digital file transfer
– Digital Locating for Contractors, Plumbers, Excavators, and Engineers
– Supportive, informative, and knowledgeable consulting
– Pre-purchase video inspections for buyers and investors of residential or commercial real estate
– Pre-listing video inspections for real estate sellers
– End-of-warranty video inspections for new construction homes
– Sewer back-up Insurance loss inspections
– Pre-landscape, pre-building, pre-excavation sewer and septic locating
– Quality Assurance inspections (New construction/Remodel)


Locally owned and operated – Serving all of North Idaho and Eastern Washington
(208) 818-8241


  1. Dennis Spencer says:

    Howzit Brad! I just wanted to stop into your blog and thank you for doing an exceptional job on the sewer line inspection on our latest property acquisition in Coeurdalene! I am always impressed with your “can do” attitude once on the job. I was greatly appreciative of your ability to get through the “root bog” with your camera on this property.

    Looking forward to using your services again soon!

    A ohe hana nui ka alu i’a, (No task is too great when done together)

    Dennis Spencer

  2. Alyssa Bossler says:

    Hello there,

    I am in the early stages of buying my first house: built 1968 and with private septic. the septic has been pumped and inspected. I am curious how much your service costs?


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