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You may already be familiar with the City of Sandpoint’s Sewer Lateral Improvement Program; going forward however (as of January 1st, 2016),  If you’re planning to buy or sell a home in Garfield Bay, Sagle, Idaho you need to be aware that they have implemented a similar program, nearly identical in fact.  Here is some important information regarding the Garfield Bay Sewer Lateral Improvement Program (SLIP) and attached document outlining the entire SLIP program for Garfield Bay.

The Sewer Lateral Improvement Program (SLIP):

The purpose of this program is to decrease the volume of inflow and infiltration (I & I) which enters the main sewer line by repair or replacing private sewer laterals. The program shall initiate inspections periodically so that the condition of the private laterals can be accurately assessed, and repaired or replaced as necessary. This groundwater and /or surface water entering the sewer mains has become a significant issue, making it harder and more costly to treat the sewage and increasing the cost to sewer patrons by requiring treatment plant capacity increases. Please see the attached program description for more information.
An owner must have their private sewer lateral inspected by video for defects when any of the following events occur:

1. A house or business is being sold and was constructed more than five (5) years ago, must be inspected before the sale closes except if such an inspection was conducted in the five years immediately prior to the sale and the video was provided to the District.

2. An owner takes out a building permit for more than twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) for a house or business which was constructed more than five (5) years ago.

3. An inspection of a sewer main line identifies excessive inflow and infiltration from the private sewer lateral.

No house or business shall be required to have their lateral inspected more than once every five (5)


What should you do now?

The first step for you, the owner, is to hire an inspection company to come and perform a video inspection of your sewer lateral. They will do this by running a small camera down your cleanout or toilet to make a video of the interior of your pipes. After the video, the inspector must contact Garfield Bay Water & Sewer District to inform them of the results. If there appears to be cause for concern, the Sewer District will review the video and rate the condition of your lateral based on several criteria.


Read full details of the Garfield Bay SLIP Program here:  Appendix H Lateral Improvement Program Final 7.21.15


How we’re different: 

Lateral Concepts, LLC is not a plumbing sales organization. We do not repair, replace, service, or excavate sewer lines. We are the ONLY “unbiased” sewer lateral inspection company of it’s kind in the entire state. We have state-of-the-art equipment and can email the video to multiple parties simultaneously. We offer professional support before, during, and after the inspection that will save you or your clients time and money.

– No conflicts of interest
– No more frustrating delays to closing
– No up-selling of service or exaggeration of problems
– No wasting time getting bids for repair

If problems are discovered: We will; at no charge, act as the liaison between client and contractor to negotiate savings for any necessary repairs or replacement of the sewer lateral.

Full comprehensive written reports for the discerning home buyer!

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Lateral Concepts, LLC is a locally owned and operated business in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We provide unbiased sewer and septic lateral video inspections and locates in and around North Idaho, Spokane, and Eastern Washington. For more information, or to schedule an inspection, contact us at: 208.818.8241



There’s a common misconception that we’ve heard multiple times from real estate buyers as well as Realtors.  “The property has a septic system and the tank was pumped and inspected, so we don’t or won’t need your services.”  While it’s very important and common practice prior to a real estate transaction to have the septic tank pumped; the interior of the tank inspected, as well as the inlet and outlet baffles of the tank inspected, it’s also extremely important to inspect other components of the system.  Especially the piping between the house and the tank as well as the drainfield if it’s accessible (which can be made accessible with a little digging).

Below is an inspection report we recently completed for a home that was just listed on the MLS for Hayden, Idaho.  The seller knew he had some type of problem because of continual back-ups.  The tank had been pumped and “INSPECTED” recently and the owner was told that they (the pumping company) “thought he needed a new drainfield”.  Likewise, other “plumbers” had been out to snake the line and speculated on what could be wrong.  His listing agent recommended that he call us for a second opinion and have the line(s) scoped.  We decided to start small.  No sense in digging everything up and charging him for things that may or may not be needed.  So we started by scoping the line between the house and the tank and we agreed to progress with digging up the outlet and scope the drainfield also if it was deemed necessary for further investigation.  The video inspection (sewer scope) of the line between the house and the tank however, revealed a very common problem.  The line was “bellied out” i.e., had a low spot right before going into the inlet of the tank.   So approximately 5′ of pipe needed to be replaced.  No big deal.  It was digitally located and we determined the depth of the line was only 2′ deep.  Thus; a stick of pipe, a plumber with a shovel, and a couple hours, it was fixed.  Moral of the story:  Out of Sight, Out of Mind.  The out of state seller; without doing further research and his own due diligence, AND without the fantastic Broker Denise Lundy of Fortus Realty on his side, could have easily pulled the trigger over the phone on a new drainfield, spent thousands of dollars, and still had a problem.  Need a second opinion?  Call us at:  208-818-8241.  SPY before you BUY.  LOCATE before you DIG.

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Lateral Concepts, LLC is a locally owned and operated business in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We provide unbiased sewer and septic lateral video inspections and locates in and around North Idaho, Spokane, and Eastern Washington. For more information, or to schedule an inspection, contact us at: 208.818.8241