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When we’re asking discovery questions of our clients trying to get a better understanding of how the plumbing is laid out, we often ask:  “Do you happen to know where the sewer cleanout is?”  The perplexed response we often get is:  “What’s a cleanout?” 


It’s important to know where this little gem of a cap in your main 4″ drain leading out of the house is.  Sometimes they’re outside the building foundation.  Other times they’re hidden inside walls, behind or next to washing machines, at the base of an old cast iron soil stack in the basement, behind a toilet, or inside crawl spaces (as illustrated in the picture above).

In the septic world (homes with onsite wastewater systems); rather than city sewer, we often hear them referred to as “pump-outs” which isn’t correct.  A septic tank cannot be pumped out from the cleanout.  The septic tank lid needs to be exposed  and opened up for or pumping.  A cleanout is simply an access point to the line itself for servicing.   i.e. snaking, jetting, or video inspection. 

Regardless of what you want to call it; make sure it’s readily accessible for servicing or access in the time of an emergency back-up.  Keep it exposed– Prevent covering it up with drywall, plumbing other fixtures into it, building decks over it, planting shrubs (especially thorny ones) around it, or piling storage boxes or other obstructions in the way of it.  These tips will save you time, money, and give you peace of mind in the event the sewer or septic lateral needs immediate servicing.

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